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How to use BSNL,s night unlimited plans efficiently.

I Know most of our Indian users have BSNL broadband home plans with 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM night download free.But you have to stay awake until 2.00 AM !! in the morning to schedule your big downloads !!!

Here is a tool which I have used and suggesting for all the users who use night (early morning) unlimited plans ,This will actually schedule your downloads,You need to install this software and keep your PC in standby mode and go to SLEEP !

Ok now follow these steps,

1. Download “Imran’s Broadband Helper Utility” from Imrans Website .

2. Install the software.

3. Goto “C:\Program Files\Broadband” folder and run Autoconfig.exe and click on Start button.. its output will look like :-

  1. Click on save button (it will save the script as test.script in the same folder).
  2. Rename the file test.script to Broadband.script (delete old Broadband.script file).
  3. Run Broadband.exe (it will come in system tray).
  4. Goto the modem tab.
  5. Click on Test button (after a few seconds you will see DONE/FAIL)
  6. If you see DONE then.. just configure the times at which you want reboots (don’t forgot to check “use modem reboot service”).
  7. Schedule a reboot after two minutes and notice the result.
  8. Check the log file after reboot.

Now the configuration for the software :

Under NIC Tab.

* Enable NIC at 02:010
* Disable NIC at 07:50
* Use NIC Enable/Disable service.

Under Modem Tab.

* Reboots at 02:03, 02:10, 02:15, 07:55… (Set by default ,you can add your own timings)
* Use Modem Reboot service.
* Sound on….

Under Connectivity Tab.

* Use connectivity service….

Under Misc Tab.

* Shutdown during 07:00-07:55 (checked)
* Launch uTorrent at 02:16.

Lastly.. before going to sleep click on “Disable NIC Now” under NIC tab.

Please ask your questions in comments section.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    is this will work????????????

  2. Adi says:

    Hi there!

    Yeah sure this works…I am using this after doing some minor tweaks..tested it for 3 days …:)

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