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Ever Heard of "SAM Anderson" the next super star…

MUST SEE Tamil movie: “Yaarukku yaro”, Sam Anderson HERO,OMG, If you havn’t seen this movie… please see it!! You can console yourself that this is the worst!!! Unfortunately, the movie is only in tamil… This superhit movie will be dubbed/even remade sooner or later I guess.. Otherwise.. bollywood and hollywood is seriously missing a spicy one!

Video 1 of sam anderson

Video 2 of sam anderson

Even orkut community exists!! for the HERO “Sam Anderson”

I was so pissed off after seeing the movie 🙂 movie released on 2007

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    its amazing to see such a development with a sub domain

  2. Anonymous says:

    adangappa enna dance ..enne music……

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