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Download Windows 7 NEW Themes

Download Windows 7 Themes

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These themes for Windows 7 are free for personal use. Don’t bother on trying them with Vista or XP because they just wont work. All the wallpapers used in the themes are credit to their respective authors, but the work done in putting up these themes together is all mine. I’m all open to requests for themes of particular types. Don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed to stay updated. To use these themes, simply download them and double click to open them in the Personalize options.
Aluminium Apple Artistic Conception Earth Space Earth Ether Reality Fields Grass Homer and a Donut Inc(RED)ible Leopard Aurora
PDC Blue Snake Spaghetti Junction
Streams of Light Sunset Beach Team Fortress 2
The Lookout Tiger Aqua Blue Time Machine
War and Peace


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