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Malaysian Album Culture Shock Presents SYNDICATE :-) Marainthirunthe Remix Song

[Single] Marainthirunthu Feat Haan Jay |1St On Net~ Exclusive

CULTURE SHOCK RECORDZ proudly presents SYNDICATE..The new rap,hip hop and R&B group introduced by PSYCHOMANTRA OF CULTURE SHOCK RECORDZ..

Syndicate recorded 2 song recently which are being air played in major radio stations.Its not just 2 ordinary single track instead this going to be the songs which will become hit right before the release of their album titled.

Hereby Culture Shock proudly present Marainthirunthe from The Super Hit movie Thillana Mohanmabal by Syndicate feat Crank KS

Artist:- Haan Jay,Capt Pirate Ft. Crank KS
Composed By:- Psychomantra
Music Produced By:- Deejay Gan
Recorded at:- Mantra Vathi’s Lab
Mixed By:- Psychomantra
Mastered By:- Setting Yila

Click here to Download Maraitnirunthe Parkum Malaysian album mp3 songs (MEDIAFIRE link – open in new window)

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