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Evergreen Hits (Old tamil songs) download free

Kaalankazhil Aval Vasantham-P.B.Srinivas
Mayakkamaa.. Kalakkama-P.B.Srinivas
Ninaippathellam Nadanthuviddal-P.B.Srinivas
Azhagiya Mithylai-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Inbam Pongum Vennila-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Anbu Manam Kanithapinne -P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Madura Nagaril-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Maadimela Maadi Katti-P.B.Srinivas
Neattru Varai Nee Yaaro-P.B.Srinivas
Nilavukku Enmel Yennadi -P.B.Srinivas
Ondru Serntha Anbu -P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Pallvannam Paruvam Kandu-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Roja Malarae Rajakumari-P.B.Srinivas
Valarntha Kathai Marathuviddal-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Vaadikai Marandhathu Yeeno -P.B.Srinivas
Yaar Yaar Aval Yaaro-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela

Aadaludan Paadalai -T.M SoundarRajan & P Susheela
Atho Antha Paravaipola -T.M SoundarRajan
Raajavin Paarvai -T.M SoundarRajan & P Susheela
Etho Etho Etho Oru Mayakkam-T.M SoundarRajan
Nilavu Oru Pennagi -T.M SoundarRajan
Athikkai Kaai Kai Kai -T.M SoundarRajan & P Susheela
Poo Malaiyil Oor Mallikai -T.M SoundarRajan
Ollimayamana Yedhirkalam-T.M SoundarRajan

P Susheela Hits

Aththan Ennai Than-P Susheela
Vinnodum Mughiloodum-P Susheela & CS Jayaraman
Paalirukkum Pazhamirukkum -P Susheela
Unnai Kaanatha Kannum-P Susheela
Unnai Onndru Kedtpen -P Susheela
Aalaya Maniyin Osaiyyai-P Susheela
Amuthai Poliyum Nilave-P Susheela
Athai Magane -Athai Magane
Chittukurvi Mutham Koduthu-P Susheela
Thakathimitha – Love Birds-P Susheela
Muthana Muthalavo -P Susheela
Naan Unnai Vaalthi-P Susheela
Saravana Poygayil-P Susheela
Mayankukirazhl Oru Mathu -P Susheela

Chandrababu Hits

Goa Mambazhame-Chandra Babu

Rock Rock Rock n Roll-Chandra Babu

Thandhana Pattu Padhanu-Chandra Babu

Buthiyulla Manidhar Ellam-Chandra Babu

Kunguma Poove-Chandra Babu

Bambara Kannale Kathal -Chandra Babu

Hello My Dear Darling -Chandra Babu

Naan Oru Muttalunga -Chandra Babu

Unakkaga Ellam Unakkaga -Chandra Babu

Onnume Puriyale Ulagathule -Chandra Babu

A.M Raja Hits

Aadatha Manamum Aaduthe-A.M Raja

Chinna Chinna Kannilae-A.M Raja

Oh ko Entrhan Baby -A.M Raja

Thendral Urankiyam Pothum-A.M Raja & P Susheela

Vaadikai Maranthathum Yenoo -A.M Raja

Perunthavanamum.. Nanthakumaranum-A.M Raja & P Susheela

Vaarayo Vennilavae-A.M Raja

Maasila Unnmai Kathalae-A.M Raja & P. Bhanumathi

Mayakkum Maalai Pozhuthe -A.M Raja

Arukil Vanthzhl.. Uruki Ninrazhl-A.M Raja

Paattu Paadavaa-A.M Raja

Varuven Naan Unathu-A.M Raja & P Susheela

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19 Responses

  1. Sivarama says:

    Anbu nanbarE
    paadalkal downloadf seyya mudiya villayE!
    sila thagavalkal thavaraaga irukkirathu
    e.g; Ondru sErntha anbu maaruma- Ithu PBS udan M S Sarojini paadiya paadal.

    endrum anbudan

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi friends why we cannot download these songs? i would like to download amuathai pozhiyum nilave song. was searching everywhere and found here but i’m unable to download it.
    kaikku ettunathu vaaikku ettala

    • Satheesh says:

      Hii friends….
      just right click on the song and choose “Save Link As” to download…
      simple…. enjoy…

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanku so muche

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi friends, why is it that though the songs collection is fantastic i m unable to download it? Can anyone tell me how to download these amazing songs & also if possible please post the movies name from where the songs have been taken.

  5. K.R.Venkataramani says:

    Dear Friend,
    Pl. let me get the song “Jagadeeswara—–“from old tamil movie”Manaalane Mangayin Bhagyam”downloaded

  6. mahesh flame says:

    i need tamil version of khaleja

  7. Gokul says:


    I can’t able to download,

  8. msurendren says:

    I love old songs

  9. TyrantPoet says:

    yer topic is a as a matter of fact personal property one. Thank for partitioning such great low-down out. Ill deff be stoping by more times then i do so i an take in whats new!

  10. siva says:

    nice nice thanks to this web owner

  11. sukumaran raman says:

    unn nadaiyeh singaarame by am raja. I need either the lyrics or name of the movie.

  12. chitra says:

    very nice collections

  13. thangamnair says:

    beautiful collections…….. thank U……

  14. thangamnair says:

    eagerly waiting for more and more such collections, especially some sad solo songs of our great susheelamma….

  15. s.muthusamy says:

    i like old tamil songs. i have got great respect for mr. kannadasan, the great tamil poet.

  16. James Balan says:

    good selections , anyway is it possible to get a duet song by PBS and P. Susela titled ” Tangga neeram ethail senbavalem ”
    from the Film ‘ Arumei Magal Abirame ‘

    James Balan

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