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Tamil Old songs

More Old Tamil Songs Added here …

Gandasala, MKT Songs and more…Click HERE


Kaalankazhil Aval Vasantham
Mayakkamaa.. Kalakkama
Ninaippathellam Nadanthuviddal
Azhagiya Mithylai
-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Inbam Pongum Vennila
-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Anbu Manam Kanithapinne
-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Madura Nagaril
P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Maadimela Maadi Katti
Neattru Varai Nee Yaaro
Nilavukku Enmel Yennadi
Ondru Serntha Anbu
-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Pallvannam Paruvam Kandu
-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Roja Malarae Rajakumari

Valarntha Kathai Marathuviddal
-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela
Vaadikai Marandhathu Yeeno
Yaar Yaar Aval Yaaro
-P.B.Srinivas & P Susheela

Aadaludan Paadalai
-T.M SoundarRajan & P Susheela
Atho Antha Paravaipola

-T.M SoundarRajan
Raajavin Paarvai
-T.M SoundarRajan & P Susheela
Etho Etho Etho Oru Mayakkam
-T.M SoundarRajan
Nilavu Oru Pennagi
-T.M SoundarRajan
Athikkai Kaai Kai Kai
-T.M SoundarRajan & P Susheela
Poo Malaiyil Oor Mallikai

-T.M SoundarRajan
Ollimayamana Yedhirkalam
-T.M SoundarRajan

Aththan Ennai Than
P Susheela
Vinnodum Mughiloodum
P Susheela & CS Jayaraman
Paalirukkum Pazhamirukkum
P Susheela
Unnai Kaanatha Kannum
P Susheela
Unnai Onndru Kedtpen
P Susheela
Aalaya Maniyin Osaiyyai
P Susheela
Amuthai Poliyum Nilave
P Susheela
Athai Magane
Athai Magane
Chittukurvi Mutham Koduthu
P Susheela
Thakathimitha – Love Birds
P Susheela
Muthana Muthalavo
P Susheela
Naan Unnai Vaalthi
P Susheela
Saravana Poygayil
P Susheela
Mayankukirazhl Oru Mathu
P Susheela

Goa Mambazhame
Chandra Babu
Rock Rock Rock n Roll
-Chandra Babu
Thandhana Pattu Padhanu
-Chandra Babu
Buthiyulla Manidhar Ellam
-Chandra Babu
Kunguma Poove
-Chandra Babu
Bambara Kannale Kathal
-Chandra Babu
Hello My Dear Darling
-Chandra Babu
Naan Oru Muttalunga
-Chandra Babu
Unakkaga Ellam Unakkaga
-Chandra Babu
Onnume Puriyale Ulagathule
-Chandra Babu

Aadatha Manamum Aaduthe
-A.M Raja
Chinna Chinna Kannilae
A.M Raja
Oh ko Entrhan Baby
A.M Raja
Thendral Urankiyam Pothum
A.M Raja & P Susheela
Vaadikai Maranthathum Yenoo
A.M Raja
Perunthavanamum.. Nanthakumaranum
A.M Raja & P Susheela
Vaarayo Vennilavae

A.M Raja
Maasila Unnmai Kathalae
A.M Raja & P. Bhanumathi
Mayakkum Maalai Pozhuthe
A.M Raja
Arukil Vanthzhl.. Uruki Ninrazhl
A.M Raja
Paattu Paadavaa
A.M Raja
Varuven Naan Unathu
A.M Raja & P Susheela

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[SND] 01_oho_enthanBaby.mp3 04-Nov-2005 03:47   2.8M
[SND] 02_kungumapoove.mp3 04-Nov-2005 03:57   3.1M
[SND] 03_mayakkamaa_kalakk..> 04-Nov-2005 04:10   2.9M
[SND] anru_umai.mp3 04-Nov-2005 04:00   6.2M
[SND] aval_paranthu.mp3 04-Nov-2005 04:18   4.9M
[SND] ennai_thottu_sentran..> 04-Nov-2005 04:28   3.1M
[SND] kaalangalil_aval.mp3 04-Nov-2005 04:38   2.9M
[SND] kavalai.MP3 04-Nov-2005 04:49   3.2M
[SND] kodiathupol_idai.mp3 04-Nov-2005 04:54   3.1M
[SND] mauname_paarvaiyal.mp3 04-Nov-2005 05:00   3.3M
[SND] naazham_naazham.mp3 04-Nov-2005 05:06   3.2M
[SND] nallavan.mp3 04-Nov-2005 05:12   3.3M
[SND] nilavukku_en_mel_yen..> 04-Nov-2005 05:17   3.2M
[SND] ninaippathellam_nada..> 04-Nov-2005 05:23   3.2M
[SND] onnume.MP3 04-Nov-2005 05:28 3.1M [SND] paadaatha_paattellam..> 04-Nov-2005 05:33   3.3M
[SND] pon_ondriu.mp3 04-Nov-2005 04:14   3.2M
[SND] poranthaalum.MP3 04-Nov-2005 04:24   3.2M
[SND] puthi.MP3 04-Nov-2005 04:34 3.2M [SND] rkAndRoll.MP3 04-Nov-2005 04:49   4.7M
[SND] thenral_uranki.mp3 04-Nov-2005 09:21   3.2M
[SND] thueladha_pennonru.mp3 04-Nov-2005 09:17   2.7M
[SND] unaai_kandu.mp3 04-Nov-2005 09:27   3.3M
[SND] valartha_kalai.mp3 04-Nov-2005 09:35   3.2M
[SND] varayu_venenilave.mp3 04-Nov-2005 09:40   2.6M
[SND] yar_yar_aval.mp3 04-Nov-2005 09:47   3.5M

MGR Hits

[dir] 01 Ulagam sutrum vaaliban

Gandasala Hits

[mp3] 1. Engume Ananda.mp3

SIvaji Ganesan Hits :


Adae Appa Download
Irandu manam Download
Kalai Magal Download
Kudimagane Download
Mayakka menna Download
O Manida Download
Oru Kinnathai Download
Yarukkaga Download

Paalum Pazhamum

Aalayamaniyin Download
Ennai Yarendru Download
Indha Naadagam Download
Kadhal Siragai Download
Naan Pesa Download
Naan Pesa (Sad) Download
Paalum Pazhamum Download
Ponnal Pogattum Download
Thendral Varum Download

Sumathi En Sundhari

Aalayamagum Download
Kalyana sandaiyile Download
Or aayiram nadagam Download
Oru tharam Download
Pottu vaitha Download
Ye pulla chachayi Download

Iru Malargal

Annamitta Kaigalukku Download
Kadavul Thantha Download
Maharaja Oru Maharani Download
Mannikka Vendugiren Download
Mathavi POn Mayilaal Download
Velli Mani Download

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73 Responses

  1. Adi says:

    Want more songs…just write your request in the comment

    • S. Sundara Raju, Spring Valley says:

      Kindly post the song of P. susila in old moovie Bhavani – Naan paadum pattile vaan meenum thungume

      and ” tHULLADA MANAMUM THULLUM” sung by Jikki in Kalyanaparisu with the original background music. This song is available with the remixed music which is not sweet that of the original music composed by A.M. Raja. So please if anyone is having this original song please post the song

  2. Krishna says:

    This is really a cool site. Congrats!

  3. saro says:

    all the songs a simply superb!

    VAlga !

  4. saro says:




  5. saro says:

    pls add some more old songs… Sivaji and MGR songs pls


    YOU ARE DOING AN EXCELLENT SERVICE. PLEASE CONTINUE. INCLUDE MORE & MORE OLD SONGS. I want to download very old Tamil film songs of 1960,1970,1980s. Please let me know the web sites available. If any induvidual at Coimbatore having old songs and willing to share, please contact me.

  7. usha says:

    we want p.b.s and p.suseela songs from veeraabhimanyu

  8. Rajkuma says:

    nice website to download old tamil songs thanks for your effort

  9. Saravanan.NB says:

    Nice to see chandrababu songs..

    I have been looking for two of his songs..
    “Jolly life Jolly life” and
    “Enna theriyalayaa”.

    Please consider my request..

  10. totherethym says:

    Hi,This is a very cool site to download old goodies,can you add an P.Susheela’s song the details are:
    movie: poontahlir
    music: Illayaraja
    song: Raja chinna raja poonthalirae,inba kaniyae

    please tell where from to download this song.
    Advanced thanks.

  11. I.Jayaraj says:

    Excellant service for 50’s like me to have old songs .

  12. adiyen says:

    asdasda asdas;dljfaf afma;fm

  13. adiyen says:


  14. JuLaIha says:

    i want the song adi yen chkkarakatti of pettraal thaan pillaya….MGR

  15. ramya says:

    I need lyrics from Kungumam film……
    song: chinna ciriya vanna paravai song

  16. maya says:

    all tamil sites content the sme songs. add more.

  17. haresh says:

    How can i download all P.B.Srinivas Solo Songs

  18. Mahesh says:

    This site is realy good and add more old songs pls…..

  19. THYAGARAJAN A says:

    It is an wonderful site to listen and download old golds. Keep it up.

  20. Deepak says:

    Nice collection you have. Thanks for the collection.

  21. Deepak says:

    I am not able to download any songs. It is showing an error. Please correct it.

  22. Hi…the links were can download the songs now…

  23. lakshmi says:


    Does anybody know in which old movie the song “thai pirandhal vazhi pirakkum thangame thangam”? And where can i download the song

  24. Maala says:

    does anybody know the song by P.B.srinivas, ‘nenjam alaimoothave kannum kulamaagave Radhai kanaanai pirinthe poogiral’ and which movie is that from.

    Thanks heaps!


    Your site really excellent to ears!

  26. Vijay Mariappan says:

    Awesome songs…….. Nice to hear in my new mobile….

  27. esther says:

    i want to listen kaverioram kadai chonna kadal can u send

  28. muthu says:

    it is a great site for old&gold

  29. srinivasa ragavan says:

    these old Tamil songs are simply the best. How proud i am to be born a tamilian.

    These old Tamil songs (mostly from black and white and some old color films of Sivaji, MGR, Gemini, Muthuraman, Jaishankar, and Ravichandran) can change a rude, harsh, arrogant, and unfriendly person to a soft, humble, pleasing, and loving one!!. Our Tamil poets like Kannadasan, Kalyanasundaram, Vaali and others can never be praised enough. The blend of honey sweet music by Viswanathan and Ramamurthy and lyrics by these poets can never be matched by any in any language. What a proud tamiliam i am!!!

  30. srinivasa ragavan says:

    I would like to listen to “moongil ilai mala thoongum pani neera” please.

  31. karthiban.b says:

    nalla padalgal ketpatharku inimaiyaga irukkindrathu ,aanalum innum pala padalgal irunthal nandraga irukkum please add some more sivagi songs

  32. Praba says:

    Nice songs to share… Why dont you have some ALRagavan’s songs as well.. Like Oru Murai Paarthaale pothum. I am searching for that song.

    Keep up the good work

  33. Palani says:

    I am writting from Canada. Do you have the complete list of tamil songs with 1) year ,2)movie name, 3)song name, 4)singer name,5)music director from year 1934 to 2007.
    I am collecting, but it takes lot of time, & some times wrong informations, splling differences etc.
    If you have the list in excel or word or any other format please forward to my email address, Thank you,

  34. Jayabal says:

    Nice collection
    Thank you

  35. maria says:

    hi everyone,
    this is the 1st time i came to know this old songs website. m so glad but i don’t see any of my favourite singer S PBala’s songs. how come. please please get me his songs. I just fell in love in his voice years ago till now.
    love u all.
    r maria

  36. Shanthi says:

    I have been searching for the following mp3 songs:
    1. Patuke Patu Ezhuthi – TMS & Susheela
    2. Thalaiya Poo Mudichi – TMS & Leela
    3. Ponelil Puthethu Vanil – TMS & Susheela
    4. Kuthu Vilaku – TMS & Susheela

    Thanks in advance

    • S. Sundara Raju says:

      Pattukku pattukku ezhuthi song is in Padakotti MGR film
      Thalayampoomidichi song is in Bhagapirivinai Shivaji film
      Ponnelil Poothethu pudhu vanil song is in MGR’s Kalangarai vilakkam film
      Kuthu vilakku song is in shivaji’s Pachai vilakku film

      please download these songs from website, listen and enjoy.

      Alwaya enjoy the meladious tamil old songs

  37. bhuvana says:

    Can anyone pl tell me where can i download the old song “Thai pirandhal vazhi pirakkum”

  38. raghu subramaniam says:

    disappointed for not finding thagaraja bagavadar the one time supre hero cant you locate his all time hits?

  39. Narayanswami says:


  40. sivaramakrishnan says:

    NALLA PAZHAYAPAADALKAL IRUKKINDRANA.nANDRI! Aanal sila paadalkalai matravarkal padiya remix pol therihirathae?e.g.Paalirukkum pazhamirukkum.Ithu Susilaavin kural alla!Priyavin kural nanku therihirathu.
    1.Puthumayai enna solvaen -Sathaaram
    2.Malligai mottu sangeduthu – Oruviral
    3.Thaenodum thanneerin meethu – EnKadamai
    Intha paadalkal Original enakku kidaikuma?

  41. Senior says:

    My heart felt thanks to you all for this wonderful collection of old songs.

    I have a quick question. When I double click on any song, I get an error message. Could some one help me to fix this. The message says “An error occured inside a plug-in contained on this page’.

    Could U please help me understand what do I need update in my computer to make sure that I am able to listen to these songs.

    Hats off to you all for this and again thanks every one for this golden collections.


  42. Adi says:

    Please let me know which link you have clicked..try to right click on the song and select “save target”

  43. Senior says:

    Thanks Adi for the help.

    I am able to listen now.

    Just another question.
    Seems like some of them are re-mix of Suseela.
    Am I right ?

    Any source in which I can buy the CDs of original olden / golden 60s and 70s that you know of.
    ( US or in Madras )

    Thanks again.


  44. SELVARANI says:

    Proud be INdian especially tamilan my mother is very happy and even cry ………….. while hearing songs very happily,,, her wishes and appreciation goes to the devotees ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I m a youngster only but i like now hearing old songs,,,,,,,,,

    By a tamilan

  45. Sunny Panakkal says:

    HI, Thank you very much for your effort. Your site is excellent. I am 70 years old . Although I am a malayali I stdied and lived at ooty and coimbatore and I had ample exposure to Tamil language. Now I live in US.I like Tamil movies especially of MKT, MGR, Sivaji, Gemini etc and I used to listen those old songs regularly . Please add some MP3 of MKT and some songs from Vazhkai (AVM) especialli the” Enni enni parkum manam imbam kondaduthe” and Parasakthi songs of ML Rajeswary etc. God bless your effort Thank you. Sunny

  46. Syed ali says:

    This website is rearly nice

  47. Syed ali says:

    This website is very nice

  48. Kanthi Dorairaj says:

    please plug in the song Amaidiyana nadiyinilae odam’ sung by TM Soundararajan and P.Suseela in the film Andavan Kattalai one of the sivaji’s hits

  49. vaishnavi says:

    can u plz upload tis song
    PAchai Kuzhandayadi Kannil Paavaiyandro Chandramathi
    Movie: Odi Vilayadu Pappa (1959) by K.V.Mahadevan..

    • sivaramakrishnan says:

      Hi friend,
      I have the song you have mentioned;- i.e.

      Pachchaik kuzhanthayadi kannil paavayadi chandramathi,
      en ichchaik kiniya mozhi…..
      MLV yum Sirkaazhiyum paadiya arumayaana paadal.
      aanaal unkalukku ennaal anuppa mudiyaathe!
      enna seyya?

      • vaishnavi says:

        is it possible to you to mail me tat song?

      • K.R.Venkataramani says:

        Dear Sir, I would like to get the old song” Jagadeeswara, Swami Parameswara”- a chorus song by P.Susheela. But I forgot the name of the film or actors. If I am correct, it may be a Gemini Ganesh movie. Can you get and send the song and also, would you kindly inform what was the film and its music director?
        Thanks in advance. KRVRamani

  50. vaishnavi says:

    thanks for ur reply 🙂

    • K.R.Venkataramani says:

      Dear Sir, I would like to get the old song” Jagadeeswara, Swami Parameswara”- a chorus song by p.Susheela. But I forgot the name of the film or actors. If I am correct, it may be a Gemini Ganesh movie. Can you get and send the song and also, would you kindly inform what was the film and its music director?
      Thanks in advance. KRVRamani

  51. Ganeshan Muthukrishnan says:

    I want to down load an old song- can anybody help me? the song is in MALLIKA sung by Mrs P. Suseela. the song is : NEELA VANNA KANNANEY UN ENNAMELLAM NAAN ARIVEN… ” Its one of the Nicest song ..I want to download it for free… Thanks in advance 🙂 – Ganeshan

  52. chittibabu says:

    I need song name of “Aatuvithal_Yar_Oruvar”. This is Shivaji Ganesan sir sogaa padal. If any tell the film name. Plz hel p me.

  53. Mageswary Muthaliar says:

    Avantaan Manithan

  54. Shanti Velu says:

    Hi, Can you help me ? I am searching for lyrics to an old song- “Un Parvai Ondre Pothumae, Pallayiram Pon Vendumaa…..

  55. Jagadeesh says:

    Hai i want the song shivagi old jokka jolikeralay thekka kolikeralay diyalo song please do me the need full thing

  56. Kovi.Eswaran says:

    Kalaignar Thilagam Ravichandran’s hits to be enriched and more songs to be added from the rare movies

  57. Tania says:

    Sir my sister is pregnant and we would love to have this song for the valaikappu ceremony . If you could upload this and put up a download link or even upload it in youtube for every one to enjoy . I would be most grateful to you .Thank you !!
    The song lyrics were already discussed here

    ”Pachchaik kuzhanthayadi kannil paavayadi chandramathi,
    en ichchaik kiniya mozhi…”

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